The Great Caribou Rainforest Conservation Area

Caribou are magnificent, iconic animals that are disappearing across Canada. As we continue to chop down the mature forests they depend on for food and shelter we are pushing caribou towards extinction. Government and Industry need to act now!

Healthy forests also mean long-term jobs for communities; Caribou and resource jobs are not competing goals. Both depend on healthy forests. And Canada’s forests are essential to meet our goals and commitments on climate, biodiversity and indigenous rights.

Forests capture carbon, regulate climate, produce oxygen and deliver other ecological benefits. Forests provide homes and resting places for hundreds of other species and their wise management is vital to our health and economy. 

Today, survival of forest-dwelling caribou is threatened by relentless resource development in their critical habitat and by the fear of change. Please join us in telling government it’s time to manage our forests responsibly, for us, wild species and future generations.

Thank You!

Robert Bateman and Michael Bloomfield, Harmony Foundation of Canada 

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Saving Caribou

The Great Caribou Rainforest Conservation Area

Caribou are an iconic species once found across Canada. Today most herds are declining, some endangered and others gone. No caribou are more unique in the world than the Deep Snow Mountain Caribou found in the mountains of southeastern British Columbia or more at risk of extinction.  Logging has decimated much of their habitat which needs urgent protection. Self-sustaining Deep-Snow Mountain Caribou herds are important on their own merit as recognized by both BC and Canada. 

However, the case for establishment of The Great Caribou Rainforest Conservation Area is strengthened by the significant contribution it will make to meeting commitments made by BC and Canada on Indigenous rights, biodiversity, climate and old-growth forests.